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In our pro audio range you will find all the products you need for your sound system. Whether this is for a restaurant or for the best garden parties. Round music has it.

Sound tables

In the main category you have 2 types of sound tables . You can choose an analog sound table or a digital one. An analog means that there is no software through which the sound passes. That is the case with a digital one. The advantage of a digital sound table is that the table can be fairly compact and still have many times more inputs.

Stage box

A stage box is a rack or device with which you can expand your digital sound table . With a stage box or digital snake you can expand your sound table with more inputs. It can also be useful if you have to mix sound in a large hall. The stage box can be placed near the stage and with a few internet cables you can connect your stage box to your sound table. So it saves pulling a lot of cables.


Also in loudspeakers you come to 2 main categories. You have active and passive speakers. Passive have no amplifier and active have a built-in amplifier. both can be used very widely, but if you want to have professional speakers at home, for example, you may not want to walk around with a separate amplifier. That is why active speakers are often used for home use.


A subwoofer provides the low tones with a speaker. Sometimes you would like to have an extra subwoofer to make the sound sound even better.

Buy sound table, speaker or other audio equipment?

Are you looking for a sound table, speakers or other audio equipment? Then we are happy to help you. If you are unable to find a solution, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk .

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