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Headphones & in-ears

Find Your Perfect Sound

We offer a wide range of headphones and in-ears to give you the best sound. Whether you are looking for over-ear headphones with a full sound, or compact in-ear headphones that you can easily take with you and use on stage.

Headphones: Rich Sound and Comfort

Headphones are perfect for professional, but also for home use. If you often spend time in the studio, headphones can be fantastic for the specific tones that you may not hear well with your studio monitors .

If you are more of a home user, headphones are also a super useful product. They provide good sound insulation and a pleasant listening experience.

Different Types of Headphones

  • Over-ear Headphones: These headphones completely surround your ears for excellent sound quality and isolation.

  • On-ear Headphones : A lighter and more compact alternative that rests on your ears instead of around them.

In-ears & earphones:

In-ears are a good solution if you are looking for a compact way to play your music. It has surprisingly good sound quality for a compact design.

If you like to listen to music, it is important that you have earphones that fit well and can express your music style well. Pay close attention to the fit of the earphones and how many drivers an in-ear has. These are the speakers in the in-ear.

Are you on stage and do you need in-ears? Then it is important that you have a good sound that can showcase your singing or instrument. This is often not possible with the standard earplugs.
We offer a range of professional in-ears that are perfect for these types of applications.

Whether you listen to music in your spare time or are on stage where you need professional in-ears. We can help you with it.

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