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A microphone for the studio, stage or just at home? You can find them all at Round music. From wireless microphones or wired. You can find them at Round music.

Vocal microphones

Vocal microphones are made for speech or singing. These microphones are built in such a way that they amplify your voice well. You can find them in wireless and wired variants.

Condenser microphones

A condenser microphone can also be used for singing or speech. A condenser microphone is often more sensitive to sound and also picks up more sound. That is why you often see this in, for example, a choir with several people. Or in a studio where the environment is quiet.

Instrument microphones

You can find instrument microphones for different instruments. These microphones are built in such a way that you can amplify your instrument well.

Studio microphones

A studio microphone is perfect for your studio. (logical, right?) These microphones are good to use in rooms where the environment is quiet. They pick up a lot of sound and have a wide range of frequencies.

USB microphones

A USB microphone can be perfect for home use. If you want to record something quickly, connect the microphone to your laptop and you can record right away. Super handy right! You can use the USB microphones for singing, for example, but also speech. For example, do you want to be perfectly understood during your online meeting? Then a USB microphone is a perfect solution.

Lavalier microphones

A lavalier microphone is also called a clip microphone. For example, you can attach them to your shirt and they are hardly noticeable. They pick up a lot of sound because the microphone is placed quite far from your mouth. You often see these types of microphones on TV or in the theater.


A headset is a microphone that you place on your head and where the microphone is placed against your cheek. This means you don't need to have a microphone in your hands. This can be useful on stage, theater or in the gym, for example.


Of course, in some cases you also need extras such as a microphone clamp , filter , or stand . You will also find these with us and we will be happy to help you find the most suitable one for your situation.

Buy a microphone

Do you want to buy a microphone or accessory now, but don't know where to start or do you need help with your choice? Please contact us . We are happy to help you with your choice.

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