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Round music, the best guitars for you!

Looking for a new guitar? This is best done at Round music! You always buy your guitar from us with the best service. Are you looking for an acoustic , electric , bass or many other types of guitars? We can help you with that. From beginner to pro, we can help with exactly what you need.

Acoustic guitars

Acoustic guitars come in many forms. You have the different acoustic models such as: Dreadnought, auditorium, parlor and much more. In short, these are the guitars with a large sound box that you can use without amplification. You also have acoustic guitars that you can connect. These are semi-acoustic guitars. You can connect these guitars to an amplifier or on stage to hear the sound.

Electric guitars

Electric guitars are guitars that you should always play amplified. This can be done, for example, with a guitar amplifier . Electric guitars come in different types. You have the standard stratocasters, but also telecasters, LP models and much more. There are also hollow bodies, which are acoustic-electric guitars that are best connected to an amplifier, but also have some acoustic sound.

Spanish/classical guitar

The Classical or Spanish guitar may look a lot like an acoustic guitar . This is because they both have an open sound cabinet. But there is indeed a difference. The classical guitar has a different body shape, which gives you a different sound. But the biggest difference is that a classical guitar has nylon strings and an acoustic guitar has steel strings . With a classical guitar you also get a more round sound and with an acoustic guitar you get a clear, sparkling sound.

Buy a guitar

Do you want to buy a guitar now, but don't know where to start? Please contact us. We are happy to help you with your choice.

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