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SE Electronics V BEAT

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The V BEAT is the most compact drum microphone in its class, intended for use with snare or tom drums. Unlike the V7, which is optimized for vocals, the V BEAT features the same high- grade sonic performance as the V7 X instrument dynamic, but in a dedicated low-profile & drum-friendly form factor. Tuned for instrumental use, it can also be used on sources such as electric guitar speaker cabinets or brass instruments. Its specialized capsule provides a highly detailed, extremely natural sound character on snares or toms of any size, with amazing off- axis rejection to minimize bleed from nearby drums and cymbals. Its ultra-compact design and parallel XLR connector...

& stand mount give it the smallest footprint in its class, and its rock- solid swivel mount allows its angle to be adjusted with great precision – so it can be aimed at almost any part of the drum head to achieve whatever sound character is required.

Compact, flexible, and minimalist design
The V BEAT utilizes an extremely low-profile mechanical design, with the XLR connector and stand mount integrated in parallel on the underside of the flexible swivel mount. This minimizes the V BEAT’s footprint, removes any cables from line-of-sight, and negates the need for any right-angle adapters or special cables. It also means there’s no danger of cables interfering with the drummer’s performance, as they are kept out of the way of cymbals and drum sticks alike.

The heart of the V BEAT: the DMC7 X capsule
The custom DMC7 X capsule offers the same technologies and features as its sibling within the acclaimed V7, including the innovative, specialized aluminum voice coil. While the V7 is optimized for vocals, the capsule in the V BEAT has been custom-tuned for instrumental use. With aluminum being a much lighter material than the industry standard (copper), it delivers an open and transient-rich sound, with deep and clear lows for stellar performance. The midrange is also extremely balanced, supporting the natural resonances of percussive instruments.

The excellent off-axis rejection of this sophisticated capsule also helps isolate your drums from other sound sources on the stage - efficiently reducing stage bleed and spill from other drums, cymbals and more. The supercardioid pattern also allows you to easily tailor the bottom-end by adjusting the proximity effect – i.e. distance to the drum head.

Proven Neodymium magnets, tight production tolerances and high workmanship ensure excellent sensitivity, high-end sound quality and superb consistency.

Unique, patented integrated capsule suspension
The V BEAT’s advanced internal capsule suspension efficiently decouples the capsule from mechanical vibration, isolating it from shocks & jolts and eliminating the need for an external shock mount.

All-metal housing & spring steel grille
The V BEAT’s road-ready chassis is all metal, with no fragile plastic parts. The chassis' high quality, highly durable die-cast zinc alloy is designed to hold up under on-stage stress for years, the spring steel mesh grille is dent-proof and corrosion-free for perfect reliability, and the tightening knob for the swivel mount maintains a rock-solid hold on the V BEAT in any position.

Internal windscreen
The red internal windscreen efficiently reduces unwanted popping, plosives and wind noise - and in case you prefer a more visually subtle black windscreen, we have also included one as a standard accessory.

Gold-plated XLR connector
The V BEAT’s gold-plated XLR connector ensures a loss-free and reliable signal connection for years to come.

Knurled nut for other mounting accessories
Some popular drum mic mounting systems (such as the LP ® Mic Claw) include a knurled nut to secure the mic in position. However, these third-party nuts may partially block the XLR connector on the V BEAT due to its extremely space-efficient design – so we have included a knurled nut with a smaller outer diameter to solve this problem for you.

Optional accessory: The V CLAMP
When used as intended with sE’s V CLAMP, the V BEAT becomes even more compact and even more flexible. The V CLAMP adds another axis of vertical movement for even better fine- positioning ability, and keeps the V BEAT securely fastened to your drum rim while adding barely any bulk to the overall footprint.

  • The most compact drum mic in its class: extremely low profile for easy placement and minimal footprint wide swivel range for easy positioning outside integrated parallel stand adapter and XLR connector
  • Superior sound quality with massive flexibility: flexible design allows for many mic placement options easily control the level of proximity effect & bass boost find the right balance of fundamentals and overtones reduce spill from hi-hat or cymbals by adjusting the angle
  • Specialized capsule designed to bring your drums to life: innovative aluminum voice coil for open, clear, transient-rich sound detailed, deep & clear lows for stellar performance
    delivers a balanced midrange that supports the natural resonances of percussive instruments
    powerful Neodymium magnet ensures high efficiency
  • Patented internal shock-mount: efficiently decouples the capsule from any mechanical vibration eliminates the need for an external shock-mount
  • Sophisticated supercardioid capsule design: for superior isolation and rejection of unwanted noise efficiently reduces spill from other drums, cymbals and more tailor the low-end easily by adjusting the distance to the sound source easily control the level of proximity effect & bass boost
  • All-metal housing with premium finish: robust, rock-solid design – built for the road
  • all-metal chassis construction – no fragile plastic parts high quality, highly durable die-cast zinc alloy corrosion-free materials and finishing
  • Stainless spring steel mesh grille: dent-proof and corrosion-free perfect durability and reliability
  • Internal windscreen: efficiently reduces unwanted wind noise and plosives both red and black options included for personal preference
  • Gold-plated XLR connector: for loss-free and reliable signal connection
  • Knurled nut for 3rd-party hardware: includes a smaller-diameter nut that does not block the XLR connector allows for use with other popular drum hardware systems such as the LP ® Mic Claw
  • The fastest, most compact and most practical mounting system*: extremely compact dimensions for easy placement designed to fit any popular snare or tom drum available
    setup and tear-down takes only seconds: three axes of movement for maximum flexibility
    *when paired with sE’s V CLAMP (optional accessory)


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